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We grow it for you in Anatolia with its fresh scent, wonderful aroma, and unique taste.

Granny Smith Apple

Its fruits are large and spherical, with a green oily skin. It is juicy, has good eating quality, slightly acidic, has a unique good aroma with a sour taste.

Pink Lady Apple

It grows semi-upright and very fast. It is a very productive variety. Adaptation to dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks is good.

Golden Apple

Medium or small size, sweet, juicy and high quality. The fruit is light yellow in color, the color of the fruit shell is yellow-green.

About Apple55 ORchad

Natural Taste from Anatolia to the World

Our Farm We have an agricultural area of 30000 square meters in Mecitözü village of Çorum district of Turkey.
Our harvesting process, which starts in September, continues until December.
Three kinds of apples are produced in our apple orchard.
We produce Granny Smith Apple, Pink Lady Apple, Golden Apple varieties.


Tons of harvesta




Our Apple orchard

Apple Orchard From Turey

Our apple orchard is in Turkey's Çorum Mecitözü village. We produce at a point far from the city.

High Yield apple trees

We harvest 200 tons of products per year in the fertile lands of Anatolia.

Traditional agriculture

We make production with traditional agriculture.